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Also known as Reagan Li, is a Multimedia Composer, Audio Director, and Sound Designer with extensive experience in creating music and sound in games and media. He has a studio outfitted in Dolby’s reference 9.1.4 layout through PMC monitors and a reference cinema processor. 6 years experience in the Video Game Industry.  He is part of the Wwise Ambassador program, expertise with Wwise (w/ 4 certifications) and its integration with Unreal Engine. He is a freelancer and is based in Los Angeles. He is known for his work on KARMA: The Dark World (2024), PMGC 2023, PUBG Mobile (2022-2024), Arena Breakout (2022-2024), A.D. 2047 (2021), and GhostBlade (2016/2017). Li is a composer of new music; his works have been performed and published by knowable ensembles around the world.

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